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For Educators

Hey there teachers! Looking for some inspiration to bring more calm to your classroom and some much needed TLC to your hardworking self? Want to make sure you survive and thrive through another school year?

Check out options for One on One Support, Small Group Sessions and Course Offerings.

For School Leaders and Administrators

Hello Principals, Vice Principals, and School Leaders! Want to lead your school to becoming exceptional at Health and Wellness?


Check out options for Professional Development and Education Sessions for your staff, Follow up Sessions and Course Offerings.

For Parents

Healthy families = Healthy classrooms = Healthy schools = Healthy communities.

School can be challenging for many kids. As a parent it can be hard to know how best to support your child. Programs are available to families who support children with anxiety, autism, ADHD and mental health concerns.

What People Are Saying

Dyan is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise.  She goes above and beyond to obtain research and additional information for teachers and parents for further understanding and more possible strategies to be used. I highly respect Dyan’s advice as she is so knowledgeable and realistic!  I looked forward to Dyan’s email which would have valuable information, a reflection component and a focus to implement changes in my daily actions for self-improvement.  Dyan’s course reminded me that when we are feeling calm, regulated and positive, we influence others around us to do the same which is a continuous benefit for all. I also learned that we have to give ourselves permission to rest and use self-care every day in order to be at our best.  I highly recommend this course and hope to be involved in future sessions of Dyan’s that continue to keep wellness as the focus.




This program is so important! Dyan encourages us to look after ourselves and reminds us to take the time! Shift into Wellness feels like someone is checking in on me because I am always so busy checking in on everyone else I forget to take the time to check in on me.
This program offers the timing and resources for personal growth and helping change habits. As teachers we need to take time to really check in on our emotional well-being. Thank you for this inspiring program!

Middle Years Teacher

SHIFT into Wellness guided, encouraged, and challenged me to take care of myself by giving me permission to acknowledge and reflect on my own feelings every day. This, paired with daily bites of information or suggestions for integrating self care into my personal life, family life, and classroom life, created a setting for honouring the human journey we share as we care for each other.

Early Years Teacher

Dyan’s message that we should look after ourselves without feeling guilty is especially important as we try to incorporate so much into our busy lives. Dyan provides great tips and advice from how to say “No” to more obligations and say “Yes, its OK to put ourselves first” even if its for a nap or baby steps on our own pathway to wellness. Thanks Dyan, for your inspiration and motivation on my self care journey!

Educational Assistant