School Administrators and Leaders

Rethink, Regroup, Reconnect: Returning to Schools amid Covid19 is currently in development. Programming will be offered online and/or in person (potentially) to support educators returning to classrooms in September. Ensuring everyone’s safety, reducing anxiety,  helping students be available for learning, and the necessary shifts everyone will have to make to be able to embrace the challenges that come with a global pandemic are a few components of this program. Stay tuned for more information.

Professional Development and Education Sessions

I love doing education sessions with schools! I have spoken on a variety of topics including Bringing More Calm into the Classroom, Self-Care for Educators, Self Regulation and Co-regulation, Healthy Leaders Healthy Schools, Social Emotional Learning, Trauma Informed Classrooms to name a few. Additional topics such as The Amazing Autism Mind and Embracing Meltdowns to Support Kids who are Losing their Minds are in the works along with a few others.  Contact me to discuss.

Healthy Leaders Healthy Schools

Rethink, Regroup, Reconnect: Returning to Schools amid Covid19 as mentioned above will be available to address concerns and support teachers and students returning to school in the fall.


Shift your School is a 4 week program designed to encourage health and wellness activities into your entire school community

How I Support You and Your School

Online PD

Normally I do sessions in schools or at conferences but in these days of Covid 19 online PD is the way to go! Live PD sessions are available as well as recorded replays to watch at later dates.

In-Person PD

Some day in-person speaking engagements will happen and I can’t wait! I love speaking to groups of educators and seeing them nod their head or laugh when something resonates with them.

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