Before I had kids I had a lot of ideas about the type of mother that I would be. I would be understanding and patient and I would help my darling bundles of joy navigate their childhood with love and laughter.

Then I had kids and realized I’m not a superhuman. I’m just a regular person who has noble ideas on how I would like to respond and behave but often I don’t have enough energy in my human battery to do it. Out of one of my many horrible parenting moments back when my kids were aged 4 and 7 I came up with this little strategy and it is so good!

 In this 7 minute video I share the strategy I use with my kids and my husband (and really anyone…like that time I was really snappy with my mother when she was asking why I wasn’t cutting my son’s hair).


This strategy has saved me from disaster many times and what I love most is that now my kids are using it when they have done something they regret. Which isn’t very often but may come in handy in the teenage years!

Do you think this is something that may work in your house? I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. Also sharing your terrible parenting moments does not make you a terrible person, it makes you human. Parenting is hard and anyone who says otherwise is probably not a parent.

Yours in parenting messiness,