If your house is anything like our house there are probably a few meltdowns happening in the week (or daily). Even the “adults” we live with and love are having meltdowns. And if you are like me I’m betting these meltdowns aren’t your favorite part of the day. Over the years working in schools with kids, many of them with neurodiversity (just a fancy way of saying their nervous system and brains work in different and interesting ways), I have learned that meltdowns can be a wonderful opportunity for both the child and for me. Yep I said wonderful opportunity. 


In this 12 minute video (sorry it’s longer than I like the videos to be) I share my strategy for handling meltdowns and why learning to embrace them is a good thing. I also confess to something that I think you will be able to relate to.


Here is a video of a dad doing this whole thing just beautifully! Man he must have been well rested, well nourished and maybe patience is his super power.

Did I convince you to embrace the meltdowns? If I didn’t that’s okay! Hang in there and just do the best you can. And never underestimate the power of a well timed granola bar or cookie!

Cheers to all the messy meltdowns,