I guess I’m just going to start here. No fancy introduction, not a perfect well-lit, edited video. Just real life. Although not the life we’re used to living. This is a new weird time of a global pandemic. We are at home trying to social distance to flatten the curve. Social distance and flatten the curve – 2 new standard phrases that I’d never used before in my entire life and are now part of our everyday conversations.

I’ve wanted to add a blog to my website for a while now. But I could never see the whole picture in my head of what purpose I wanted the blog to serve. Living in the time of Covid 19 has taught me that I don’t need to know what the end game looks like even though I desperately want to know. Covid 19 has nudged me into taking it one small imperfect baby step at a time and doing so without knowing all the answers or even the right questions.

I’m going to start with Emotional Contagion. A topic near and dear to me and particularly abundant in our home right now.


As promised a couple links to share some positive emotional contagion.

Who doesn’t laugh when babies laugh?

Laughing Man at the Tram

Why We Laugh Ted Talk 

Now share this with a friend and go spread some smiles and laughter!