I’m feeling really scattered. I want to let go of all the planning for the future and just be in now. But it’s not my nature. I have all these skills when it comes to planning and preparing and over planning and over preparing. I mean I love spontaniety but only when it has been carefully planned. It’s the truth!

Well I figured out what to do with these planning skills in order to be in the now. Watch this 6ish minute video to find out.

Here’s my old pal Grover demonstrating what it feels like in my brain. You don’t need to watch the entire clip but know that he gets very tired and a little testy by the end (which may or may not be an accurate depiction of my brain!)

That was my old school brain. But this is what I’m hoping to become. This is a new video of Grover showing near and far but embracing it in a whole new way!

I think I will add nap to my weekend to do list! After the guacamole and before the lime margarita  vitamin C!

Be where you are!