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Together Calm

Together Calm is a 5 week program created for families who are supporting a child with anxiety. This program is unique as it is for both parents and children. Gilliane Renwick, a Registered Social Worker, runs the children’s classes and I facilitate the parent classes.Follow our Facebook Page Together Calm for updates and dates of upcoming offerings.

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I love talking and working with parents. Parenting is a brutiful experience and I think parents need way more support. With more and more neurodiversity (just a fancy word describing brains and nervous systems that work in unique ways), there are new ways of supporting our kids and helping them meet their challenges head on. I have worked with many children experiencing anxiety, depression, ADHD, sensory processing disorder and autism and have a few tools in my toolbox to help families. 

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When you sign up for my monthly newsletter you also get updates with my blog posts. Although the newsletter and videos are often geared towards schools and educators, many of the tips and tools can be applied at home as well. Really this information is for any adult who works with kids. At home, at school doesn’t matter!

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Follow our Together Calm Facebook Page! Gilliane Renwick, Registered Social Worker and I share tips and ideas for families with children with anxiety and other mental health challenges.

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