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Hi there! I'm Dyan.

and I’m a prairie farm girl. Born and raised in the Canadian flat lands. I have a degree in Occupational Therapy. I am a hobby bee farmer. I have 2 kids, a dog and 100,000 bees with my husband. I crave simplicity and calm. And cookies and key lime pie too!

What to know how this whole thing started. Well it started with me forgetting how to have fun.


It was June 2015. Teachers and parents know how busy this time of year can be. Field trips, final exams, recitals, end of season wind-ups, report cards and a massive desire to just hang out in the beautiful weather and relax.  During my days I was overwhelmed trying to get it all done and working with teachers trying to get it all done. Then I went home and had more things to do. I remember going to bed and being unable to sleep, my thoughts jumping from one obligation to another and waking up exhausted dreading the day. Was this really living? Everyone around me seemed to be doing the same things and feeling the same way so maybe this was just the way life had to be.

Fast forward a couple weeks – I was meeting a longtime friend for coffee. Our schedules had been conflicting and it had been months since our last visit. During our conversation, she mentioned the concerts she had been to, the two trips she had taken, the class she signed up for and that she had to leave in time to get to her massage appointment. I remember thinking to myself “Must be nice to be having all this fun” and “Wow she obviously has way more free time than I do.” But when she turned to me and asked what I had been doing for fun lately…well I didn’t have an answer. I couldn’t even come up with a quick lie about it. I was so far removed from fun that I didn’t even know what fun was for me anymore.

This wasn’t how I wanted to live. This constant state of overwhelm had to go if I wanted to be able to answer the question “What are you doing for fun these days?”

And thus began the process of small simple shifts to bring in more ease and fulfillment. I am still a work in process. I still fall off the self-care wagon and have to encourage myself to jump back on.

Along the way, I started sharing these ideas with teachers. Amazing selfless, overwhelmed big hearted teachers who day in and day out show up for our kids. I wanted to help them get out of constant overwhelm and to avoid burning out. I was asked to give a presentation on teacher wellness and I expected maybe 30 people to show up. Over 300 teachers registered in 20 minutes and I was moved to a different room that could seat over 500. At that moment I knew I was not alone in wanting to live and work differently.

Shift into Wellness Teacher Wellness programs were created and have been adapted over the years to try to give educators support in taking care of their physical and mental well-being. Administrator and Leaders programming was added to help create whole school communities that included wellness as a goal.

I care deeply about teachers and education and kids. I want the next generation of humans to be better and do better and feel better than previous generations. When we feel better we do better. It starts with us.

# of years working as an Occupational Therapist

# of years working with teachers

# of years as a recovering perfectionist

% of hard days survived


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