#1 Monthly Newsletter

Each and every month, get new ideas for your health and wellness and for your classroom right to your inbox. These are tried and true tools that aim to bring more calm to your classroom. There will be a new theme every month covering topics like self-care, self-regulation, emotional intelligence, executive functioning and mindfulness.

#2 Personal Wellness Plan

You know about Personal Program Plans right? Or maybe they call them Individual Education Plans in your division. Whether it’s called a PPP or and IEP or some other version of 3 letters of the alphabet, this one will be your new favorite! Your very own Personal Wellness Plan where you get a chance to focus on you for a change!

#3 Permission to Rest Note

Do you know a hardworking educator who needs to slow down before they end up in Burnout Town? Download and print out this little note and send it their way. With a few words of appreciation on the back, it’s just what many of us need to hear!

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Send this little note to your hardworking teachers! Or anyone who needs the reminder that it's okay to take a rest sometimes!

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