What I do

Here’s the thing – I love teachers!

I love that they get up everyday to help raise our next generation. Yep I said RAISE! Teachers do so much more than teach. They nurture our children everyday. And if you don’t know this already I’m telling you now this job can be heavy. The load at times can be too much to manage alone.

I want big-hearted hardworking teachers to stay in the game of teaching. I want the best of the best staying mentally and physically well so they can keep doing this job. I want this for them, I want this for our children and I want this for our communities.

My Philosophy


Simple. Shifts. Support.

Here’s the thing – I know what I need to do to be healthier, happier and to be the best me I can be. I think you probably know what you need to do too or if you’re not completely sure, you have a sense of where to look to find out. Whether seeking online or doing some soul searching, the answers are there.

Making changes, well, that’s the tricky part. Doing something new or doing things a little differently and sticking to it until it becomes a habit is hard. Not for everyone but for most of us! Otherwise we would JUST DO IT! But we don’t and then we feel guilty because we know we want to make changes and feel better.

A little support goes a long way. Especially when you are just starting out trying to make changes. Also when life gets a little (more) chaotic. 

I’m all about ease and simplicity. I believe that small micro-shifts lead to big changes. Lastly we go farther together. The one thing we all need…support!

Simple ideas to shift your life with the support you need to actually make it happen. Day by day subtle shifts move you from chaos to calm and from exhausted to energized.

My Methods

Small goals. Tiny steps.

Kicking perfectionism to the curb. Big time self-compassion.

Daily practices with reminders to encourage accountability.

Small. Simple. Shifts. That’s it! That’s all.

My Hope and Dreams

My hope for a better world – a world without poverty, racism, gender inequity, human trafficking, domestic violence, child abuse and all the other hurts that fall on people; a world where nations work together to create systems of healthcare, environmental sustainability, opportunity and peace for all lies solidly on Nelson Mandela’s words “Education is the most power weapon which you can use to change the world”.  

Which makes our educators the most important people on this planet! I care deeply about education. I want the best people choosing to become teachers and staying in the profession to educate our next generation. My goal is to support them in making the world a better place!

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