Whew! We made it!

We made it through the 2019/2020 school year! I’m not going to lie – it definitely wasn’t my favourite school year! But I did learn some things about myself and my people and we can now slide into summer break.

I’m shifting my focus back to educator mental health and wellness now. With surviving this past crazy school year and not knowing what is happening yet for the next school year, I think now is a good time for everyone but especially hard working big hearted educators to ramp up and perfect their self-care practices.

Governments, school divisions, health authorities and committees are trying to figure out the best way to educate our kids and keep everyone safe during this pandemic. But no one really knows what that is going to look like.

And if you are a planner like me this is causing a bit of stress. So I am doing the only thing we can do right now and that is embrace the now and focus on nourishment.

In this 5ish minute video I talk about what now and how to embrace this opportunity of not being able to plan for the fall.


Okay so to recap spend the next week or two recovering from the past school year. Tune into what you need and what fills your soul and do it!

Sweet amazing educators – you are going to nourish yourselves like crazy over the next 6 weeks so that whatever comes next you will be ready to roll with it!

Give yourself permission to be here now! I’d love to hear what you are doing to recover and nourish…drop me an email at dyan@shiftintowellness.ca and let me know!

Cheers to the moment,