Do you love learning new things? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. Covid 19 has given our family the opportunity to learn a lot of new things about ourselves and each other. I have learned that I really love my people AND I really like my time away from them. I have learned that my husband really needs a purpose to his day and if he doesn’t have one he paces around the house. And I have learned that my kids are really not missing their extra-curricular activities as much as I thought they would.


But by far the best thing I learned and then implemented with my family is a concept by Brené Brown called the FFT. Now if you are a Brene Brown follower you likely would have listened to her new podcast Unlocking Us and the first episode is all about the FFT or the F#$king First Time. I’m telling you that embracing this concept and teaching it to my people has CHANGED our lives especially when it comes to teaching and learning at home. 


Here is Brene’s Podcast on the FFT – take a listen!

How are you and your people handling this pandemic FFT? What other FFT’s are you experiencing these days? I’d love to hear from you.

Yours in this FFT together,